After that hit song, what next?

Do you remember any popular song that you loved to listen to? Is it still popular now? What about the artiste who performed the song? Is he/she still popular/relevant? Pause for few minutes and answer those questions because the answers can help you determine what you should be doing and how far you will go as an artiste or a person. Most emerging artiste look forward to that “hit” song that will make people accept them and help them build a large fan base, then make lots of money but after that – What next? An honest answer to this question will help an artiste to have a long term view, plan ahead and take intentional steps towards achieving the goal for which this plan was made. Every song has a shelf life just like commodities but when the song is from a reputable brand, the song is relevant and revered as long as the brand remains relevant. Accepting this line of thought brings to fore what every artiste should focus on even as they look forward to acceptance of their sound – brand building. So, what is Brand? Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO and the second richest man in the world defined a brand as what people say about you when you are not in the room.

From that definition it can be deduced that branding is the perception that people have of you. Because every artiste have a target audience, what those audience think and feel about the artiste will a go a long way in determining how far the artiste will go. Does it mean that the artiste success is dependent on other people? The answer is YES/NO. Yes, because the artiste needs the patronage and support of the audience and No, because the artiste can deliberately select his/her preferred target audience and connect with them in a way that resonates with them, thereby getting the expected feedback.
One of the ways an artiste can do this is by storytelling, which involves deliberate theme selecting and plotting of events and activities that will get the target audience attention, hook them and get them loyal.
Being deliberate about brand building helps to form the artiste’s artistic vision and keeps the artiste focused. It helps the artiste make better decisions relating to affiliations, collaborations and projects that will facilitate the brand building and transform the artiste into an icon.
We have many musicians and few icons- which one would you rather be?

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